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Vinnik Evgeny Petrovich, 13.12.2022 8:00
Review of the ADEMS Full Drive machine
I've already sharpened my home scissors and they cut like a butter knife!!!! Great!!!!! I'm just happy with the excitement!!!!! I made a movie about it. Great machine, but expensive of course.
Abraham, Israel, 12.12.2022 10:00

Abraham became interested in sharpening over a year ago and came to the Sharpening Academy for training from Israel. Abraham plans to open a household in his city. We wish him success on his professional path!
Alexander Chernykh, 12.12.2022 10:00
I liked the training very much, anyone who doubts to go or not to go 100% go!
Glad to meet Vladimir personally, a great teacher, mentor. I liked the training facilities, clean, warm classroom with access to all the equipment. Went to the workshop with Vladimir, motivated as much as possible! Working
Lev Mikhailik, 30.11.2022 8:00
Review at OZON about the product Sharpening stone for water stones #320, 180x60x30 mm
My first stone for dressing sharpening stones. I didn't expect such an effect! I used one abrasive with 1000/3000 gradient and the coarser 240/600 gradient, all with edge defects and the stone was perfect, it grinded the surface perfectly.
No and for the price it is a gift.
The stone has a rubber frame, for convenience, and came in a very secure package. The stones should be soaked before treatment.
Skripnik Andrey Leonidovich, 15.11.2022 10:00
Unpacking the ADEMS Tesar LX-R Inverter.

Iwan Wiktorowitsch Jagupow, 22.08.2022 10:58
Heute habe ich endlich den großen Karton geöffnet, den Sie mir geschickt haben. Und es gab eine Maschine, die man Frontplatte nannte. Sieht aus wie eine Kanone, eine Rakete, eine Bombe, eine Lava! Die Qualität ist fantastisch, sieht toll aus! Noch nicht in der Arbeit bewertet, eine Menge anderer Werkzeuge waren heute, aber ich denke, in der Arbeit wird nicht schlechter sein als das Aussehen! Für mich ist es sehr wichtig, mit qualitativ hochwertigem Material zu arbeiten, und es ist ebenso wichtig, dass es nicht wie ein Kolchos aussieht (aus dem, was wir hatten). Ich konnte mich gar nicht sattsehen an dieser Schönheit! Ich danke Ihnen.
Максим Николаевич Суханов, 07.08.2020 13:58
The machine came faster than agreed. Had to come November 23, and come 17. The machine is excellent !!! There is no noise, even at 3000 rpm, compact, the manipulator is very handy. The complete set of the machine and a set of expendables coincides with the declared. They also sent a gift !!! Many thanks to the company ADEMS and manager Dmitry Zhadaev, special thanks!
Владимир, 07.08.2020 13:58
ADEMS Pro machine - what you need !!! Delivered in the best possible way, the equipment corresponds to the inventory. I tried it, I’m very pleased, the only moment the move of the joints of the manipulator was at first a little taut, smeared with lithol, the problem disappeared and after another half an hour of continuous operation the engine warmed up, I had to stop. Question to the Adams company - how long can a machine be safely driven? Otherwise, everything is super, it keeps the angle, the circles are calibrated, there is practically no beating, the vibration is insignificant. Nice car, now I plan to buy ADEMS Full Drive. Thanks to Adems for the quality and affordable machines!
Денис, 07.08.2020 13:58
We needed a machine for sharpening knives for animal clippers. I turned to the company ADEMS. Manager Dmitry spoke in detail about the ADEMS Front Plate Inverter machine and that the plan of the washer for sharpening a hairdressing tool is different from the plan of the washer for sharpening a groomer tool. Especially for me, they sharpened it and quickly delivered the machine. To St. Petersburg in 5 days. He is pleased with the machine tool, he sharpens it perfectly!
Сергей, 03.09.2019 11:39
You 04/09/13 We sent grinding machines to the Kaliningrad region, for which MUCH THANKS! and thanks to which I opened my own business. Using ADEMS Full Drive, you can easily and quickly sharpen hairdressing scissors (of any complexity), make a beautiful and sharp edge on hunting knives (hunters are delighted), and make fine-tuning with a manicure and pedicure tool. ADEMS Pro is generally a miracle, almost everything that is sharpened at a certain angle can be done. This includes garden secateurs, knives for lawn mowers, scissors of various types (even professional tailors), and if you do not use a tricky device, you can sharpen the blades on hand planers and chisels. On the right side, I put a circle-cup in the place of the polishing wheel, sharpening knives on ice drills is ideal (there was no end to the fishing from lovers of winter fishing). Once again I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the entire friendly ADEMS team for their help in acquiring the equipment. My life has changed dramatically thanks to you, clients began to appear and this "snowball" is growing. And most importantly, I stopped working for the owner !!!. Thank you very much!
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