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ADEMS GMT-II - machine for sharpening a manicure, pedicure, medical tools

Based on the experience of the masters of sharpening, our company has developed the machine ADEMS GMT-II. A machine for sharpening a manicure, pedicure, medical instrument (nippers, scissors, pushers, tweezers, scissors, etc.).

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Electric motor supply voltage: 220V.
Backlight supply voltage: 12V.
Rated power consumption of the electric motor: no more than 200B.
Disk rotational speed: 2850 rpm
Outer diameter of diamond discs: 125 mm.
Landing diameter of diamond discs: 32 mm.
Longitudinal movement of the carriage: 600 mm.
Cross carriage movement: 200 mm.
Overall dimensions of the device LxWxH: 660x540x330 mm.
Net weight: 25 kg.
Shipping weight, gross: 29 kg.

The machine for sharpening the manicure, pedicure, medical tools
ADEMS GMT-II - 1 pc.
Diamond grinding wheel 125x10x2x20x32 125/100 profile 9А3 АС4 (calibrated and installed on the machine) - 1 pc.
Aluminum disc with magnet Ø123 mm (installed on the machine) - 1 pc.
The upper part of the manipulator - 1 pc.
Rubber support - 4 pcs.
A set of replaceable metal wheels Ø125 mm. - 4 things.
Set of abrasive wheels Ø125 mm. (Р320, Р600, Р800, Р1000, Р1200, Р1500 grit) - 1 pc. (each type)
Sanding sheets 230x280 mm. - 1 pc. (each type)
Rectangular container (0.6 l.) - 2 pcs.
Sponge foam - 2 pcs.
Device for centering abrasive Ø125 mm. - 1 PC.
Hex key number 5 - 1 pc.
Key - 2 pcs.
Tool lubricant oil - 1 pc.
Aerosol adhesive in a balloon - 1 pc.
Passport (instruction manual) - 1 pc.

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